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Estuarine crocodile sighted on Fitzroy River

The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) is asking people in the Pandanus Park and Willare Roadhouse area to be aware of crocodiles, following the sighting of an estuarine crocodile at nearby Langes Crossing on the Fitzroy River.

DPaW officer Bonnie Tregenza said a large crocodile was reported to be behaving aggressively at Langes Crossing, 70km south-west of Derby, on Thursday night (19 December).

“The person who reported the croc is a long-term local resident and he estimated the size to be more than 4m,”Ms Tregenza said.

“People need to be cautious and avoid river areas around Langes Crossing and downstream at Telegraph Pool.

“DPaW Broome officers are installing crocodile warning signs at Langes Crossing and they are also speaking to people at the roadhouse and the Pandanus Park community.

“Visitors are reminded that this area lies within natural estuarine crocodile habitat and is not within a crocodile control zone similar to those surrounding Broome.

“DPaW will continue to monitor the situation.”

Sightings of estuarine crocodiles in the area should be reported to the DPaW Broome office on 9195 5500.

Estuarine and freshwater crocodiles are protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.

Estuarine crocodiles live in coastal rivers and creek systems and often occur in open sea and around islands. They also move inland along major rivers, floodplain billabongs and into freshwater rivers, creeks and swamps. 

Media contact: DPaW Media 9219 9999