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Pilbara fox baiting program to protect native animals

Fox captured on a remote camera
Fox captured on a remote camera Alicia Whittington, DBCA

Native wildlife recovery on the Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago is to be given a boost with a fox baiting program planned for the area in October.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) Parks and Wildlife Service and the Murujuga Ranger Team will bait in Murujuga National Park, Dolphin Island, Angel Island and Gidley Island as part of the Western Shield fauna recovery program.

Parks and Wildlife Service Pilbara nature conservation leader Coral Rowston said dried meat baits containing 1080 poison would be dispersed by aircraft, with further ground baiting throughout the year.

“This baiting will help us to protect native species that are susceptible to predation by foxes, including the Rothschild’s rock wallaby, the threatened northern quoll and four species of marine turtle that inhabit the peninsula,” she said.

“In the dry Pilbara environment, 1080 may persist for longer periods of time, so visitors to the national park or any of the island nature reserves should be aware that poisoned baits are likely to be present.”

Murujuga Land and Sea Unit ranger coordinator William Hicks said Murujuga National Park was a special place of natural and cultural importance to Ngarda-ngarli people.

“Introduced species, including pet dogs, foxes and feral cats, can harm our native wildlife directly and the scents that they leave can impact on native animal behaviour,” he said.

“The upcoming baiting provides a timely reminder that dogs are not permitted in the national park or on the island reserves and bringing your dog onto the park or reserves will place it at risk of poisoning.”

Murujuga National Park is jointly managed by DBCA and the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation.

For more information please contact the DBCA Parks and Wildlife Service Karratha office on (08) 9182 2000 or visit

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