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Public urged to be croc aware

The Department of Parks and Wildlife is reminding people to be on alert at May River Crossing east of Derby following a report that a dog was attacked by a saltwater crocodile at the popular site yesterday.

The dog was in the water when it was grabbed by the 3.5-4m crocodile, but was able to escape with only minor wounds.

Parks and Wildlife senior operations officer David Woods said the lucky escape was a timely reminder for residents not to get complacent about crocodiles.

“The crossing at Meda Station is frequented by Derby residents and despite people knowing that saltwater crocodiles are in the area over the last 12 months there is still a level of complacency and people continue to swim in the area,” he said.

“With the long weekend coming up, we are expecting more visitors to the site, and we urge people not to take any risks with their personal safety.”

Parks and Wildlife will install warning signs at the crossing.

Mr Woods also reminded people to take care when launching or retrieving boats, and cleaning fish or discarding fish scraps near the water’s edge on the May River and across the region.

Saltwater crocodiles are highly mobile animals that can move great distances over land and in the water. They are protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.


They live in coastal rivers and creek systems, and often occur in open sea and around islands. Saltwater crocodiles also move inland along major rivers, floodplains, billabongs and into freshwater.

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