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Monkey Mia dolphin loss

Nicky Department of Parks and Wildlife

The Department of Parks and Wildlife believes one of the dolphins that regularly visits Monkey Mia has died.

Shark Bay district manager Steve Nicholson said Parks and Wildlife staff consulted with resident researchers and arrived at the conclusion that Nicky is deceased. She would be turning 40 on 29 December 2015, which is the average life expectancy of a dolphin.

“Nicky’s health had been deteriorating in recent months, possibly due to old age, and she has not been sighted for a week despite ongoing searches,” he said.

“It is also particularly unusual for her to leave her calf, Missel, because at nearly three years of age, the calf may not be completely weaned but still has a reasonable chance of survival without its mother.

“Nicky was an important part of the Monkey Mia experience, having been part of the beach dolphin feeding program since the 1980s.”

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