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Review of boat moorings in Geographe Bay

The recent appearance of yellow tags on moorings in Geographe Bay is part of a Department of Parks and Wildlife audit to help count unused moorings, improve boating safety and protect the marine environment.

Marine park coordinator Matthew Dasey said officers were tagging every mooring along 50km of shoreline to ensure accurate counting.

“Marine rangers have attached the tags to moorings to avoid double-counting and we are encouraging the users of the moorings to record the tag number for future reference,” Mr Dasey said.

“There is plenty of space to accommodate the demand for moorings in Geographe Bay, but it is necessary to address the problem of unwanted moorings.

“Through this audit, we have identified dozens of unwanted and abandoned moorings that are unfit for use. They make night navigation through mooring areas hazardous due to the presence of long surface ropes and missing buoys.

“In many places access channels to and from boat ramps are clogged with moorings which makes transiting from the ramps to open water less safe.

“As manager of the marine park, the department is developing a mooring management plan which will improve boating safety, benefit the marine environment and ultimately allow for a mooring licensing program.

“The audit of boat moorings will assist with the development of a management plan for the Ngari Capes Marine Park.”

Mr Dasey said the management process would help protect seagrass habitat, reduce unused moorings and provide mooring holders with security of tenure.


“A draft mooring management plan will be available for public comment in the next few months,” he said.

People can register for an electronic copy of the plan by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information about moorings in Geographe Bay contact the marine park coordinator Matthew Dasey on 9752 5555.

Media contact: Parks and Wildlife Media 9219 9999