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Estuarine Crocodile alert as the wet season approaches

Estuarine crocodile
Estuarine crocodile Tim Willing

The Department of Parks and Wildlife is reminding Kimberley residents and visitors about increased estuarine (saltwater) crocodile activity as the wet season approaches.

Parks and Wildlife Kimberley regional manager Daryl Moncrieff said members of the public should remain vigilant when approaching waterways, where estuarine crocodiles may be located.

“People should be particularly careful with small children and pets because they are more susceptible to crocodile attacks,” Mr Moncrieff said.

“For your own safety, do not approach crocodiles and exercise caution in areas where they occur.

“This includes not swimming, canoeing, using small boats or cleaning fish close to the water and maintaining a safe distance from the water when fishing.

“Also please be careful when launching or retrieving boats.”

Mr Moncrieff said estuarine crocodiles nested over the wet season, from November to May.

“During this time crocodiles may become aggressive and will be protective of their nests,” he said.

“Regardless of the time of year, crocodiles should always be considered dangerous and should not be approached.”

The estuarine crocodile is classed as specially protected fauna in Western Australia.

If a crocodile is seen within areas close to towns or communities, or if there are any problematic crocodiles displaying aggressive behaviour within the Kimberley region,please contact the Parks and Wildlife office at Broome on 9195 5500, or Kununurra on 9168 4200. 

Media contact: Parks and Wildlife Media 9219 9999