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A combined advisory committee for the Shark Bay World Heritage Property was formed in 2012 following the amalgamation of the previous Shark Bay World Heritage Area Community Consultative Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee which were established in 1997 by agreement between the Commonwealth and Western Australian Governments.

Committee members are appointed in their own right and not as representatives of particular organisations. They are appointed by the State Government Minister for the Environment following endorsement by State Cabinet. The Commonwealth Minister for the Environment validates the recommended appointee to the position of Chairperson.

Committee members have knowledge and/or background in areas such as tourism, local government, indigenous matters, park management and/or qualifications relevant to the protection and conservation of the World Heritage area.

The role of the Shark Bay World Heritage Advisory Committee is to:

Shark Bay World Heritage Advisory Committee members as at January 2019

MembersMember category
Thomas DAY Chairperson
Professor Diana WALKER Science Technical
Geoffrey WARDLE Local Community
Grant DONALD Broader Community
Dr Libby MATTISKE Science/Technical
Brendon BELLOTTIE Indigenous
Elisabeth MCLELLAN Local Community
Laura GRAY Broader Community
Phillip SCOTT Science/Technical
Juliane BUSH Local Community
Carissa BELLOTTIE Indigenous


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