It is critical to protect, restore and manage wetlands on private and public land in Western Australia.

A growing community of people are participating in wetland management and restoration activities.

This guide has been developed to help guide this work, providing practical, Western Australian-specific information on wetland management and rehabilitation.

It will assist those already involved in these activities, as well as people who would like to be involved, including landowners, community groups, natural resource management groups, and technical and government officers across the state.

The guide can help you:

  • understand how wetlands function
  • understand degrading processes
  • identify suitable restoration techniques and management practices
  • plan restoration works and wetland management
  • understand legal aspects of wetland restoration, management and protection.
Some files are very large. You can download individual sections (high resolution) or whole chapters (lower resolution).

pdfIntroduction5.28 MB


pdfChapter 1: Planning for wetland management2.99 MB


pdfChapter 2: Understanding wetlands17.47 MB




pdfChapter 3: Managing wetlands19.5 MB


pdfChapter 4: Monitoring wetlands 1.63 MB


pdfChapter 5: Protecting wetlands5.72 MB