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Salt lakes mapped in the dataset - Photo © A Shanahan

Cervantes Eneabba

The Geomorphic Wetlands Cervantes Eneabba Stage 1 dataset displays the location, boundary and wetland type of wetlands covering over 360,000 hectares. The area encompasses Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Greenhead, Eneabba and Badgingarra town sites ( pdfmap2.56 MB—does not meet accessibility criteria)

Some of the area covered in this dataset, of which the department is the custodian, has been mapped at a finer scale and with more attribution (information) in two more recent datasets:

  • Geomorphic wetlands Cervantes South Stage 2 dataset
  • Geomorphic Wetlands Cervantes Coolimba Coastal Stage 2 dataset.

As a Stage 1 project, the dataset has a number of limitations:

  • scale of 1:50,000
  • basin, flat and slope wetlands mapped
  • channel type wetlands (rivers and creeks) and artificial wetlands not mapped
  • no data is available on how many wetlands may have been missed (inclusiveness)
  • significant ground truthing for the accuracy of wetland identification, delineation (positional accuracy) and classification (attribute accuracy) has not been conducted
  • does not assess the values of wetlands in the project area.

Methodology and results

The Geomorphic Wetlands Cervantes Eneabba Stage 1 dataset and associated metadata statement have been endorsed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the Wetland Status Working Group and the Wetlands Coordinating Committee.