Department of Parks adn Wildlife

Policies have been developed to ensure land use planning and development in the Development Control Area protects and enhances the ecological health, community benefit, amenity and heritage value of the Swan Canning river system.

The policies also explain what information will be considered when assessing an application.

Parks and Wildlife is currently updating policies and guidelines relating to the DCA. These will be published as they are endorsed. In the interim, existing Swan River Trust policies and guidelines will be used a guide by Parks and Wildlife when assessing applications.

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State Planning Policy 2.10 Swan Canning River System

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), Swan River Trust, Parks and Wildlife and local government are responsible for the effective planning and management of land use and development in and adjacent to the Swan Canning Development Control Area.

Planning decisions concerning such a regionally significant area should be made in the context of agreed guidelines. The WAPC and Swan River Trust jointly developed a State Planning Policy identifying the key issues for planning and decision making for the Swan Canning Riverpark.

The policy:

The State Planning Policy 2.10 Swan Canning River System is available on the Western Australian Planning Commission website.