The Development Control Area includes the waters of the Swan and Canning rivers and adjoining parks and recreation reserves.

It extends upstream from the Fremantle Traffic Bridge to Moondyne Brook on the Avon River, to the Lower Diversion Dam on the Helena River, along Southern River to the Allen Road crossing and along the Canning River to its confluence with Stinton Creek.

The pdfprocess for development approvals3.02 MB in and around the rivers depends on the location of the proposed development with respect to the Development Control Area.


The Riverpark consists of the waterways and adjacent public land of the Swan, Canning, Helena and Southern rivers. No private property is included in the Riverpark.


A map of the Development Control Area and Riverpark is below.

  • Each of the 26 sections can be viewed in more detail by clicking on the numbers on the map.
  • Specific cadastral and survey information should not be taken from these maps due to data uncertainty.