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The Parks and Wildlife Service at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) has a key role in monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the environmental health and community benefit of the Swan Canning Estuary and its catchment. Environmental monitoring is focused on water quality, foreshore condition, biological indicators including fish and seagrasses, and community benefit including visitor satisfaction and community use.

The main objectives of the evaluation and reporting program are to track trends, measure compliance against management targets, monitor the extent and severity of low oxygen and algal blooms, report changing conditions to the community, inform catchment models, guide management decisions and incident response, and determine the effectiveness of catchment and estuary management measures.

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River Protection Strategy Community Update 2015

This community update is designed to tell the public how the department is tracking with managing the Swan Canning Riverpark and the complex web of ecological pressures impacting our rivers. We all have a role in protecting our waterways and this document builds a shared understanding of the key issues and achievements during 2014-15 for the Swan and Canning rivers.