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Community benefit

The Riverpark is highly valued by the Perth community as an important feature of Perth’s landscape and to the lives of Western Australians. The Riverpark is widely used by the community for a variety of recreational pursuits including fishing, swimming, boating, picnicking, walking and cycling. It also provides a place for contemplation and connection with nature. Economic benefits flow from the Riverpark to those living in its proximity and to business deriving revenue from commercial transport, tourism and hospitality operations.

Community connection and use

People enjoy a connection to the rivers related to their beliefs, traditions and memories and commitment to looking after it. Connection to the Riverpark is developed through visual appeal of the natural elements and overall appearance of each location. Emotional attachment to places within the Riverpark is fostered through spiritual, cultural and historical features of locations.

Indicators of the level of community connection to the Riverpark are grouped under two themes:

  • Aesthetics - reflected by natural appeal and site condition
  • Attachment - reflected in visitation and involvement and sense of place

Use of the Riverpark is enabled through ease of access, having amenable and safe places for relaxation, reflection and socialisation. Maintaining activity infrastructure enables people to engage in physical activity, recreational pastimes and a range of social and community events.

Indicators of use of the Riverpark are grouped under three themes:

  • Activity infrastructure - reflected by activity spectrum, comfort and safety
  • Activity amenity - relaxation and reflection, social interaction
  • Access - land and water

A Useability Index (UI) has been developed to measure these indicators of connection and use. Surveys of Riverpark users and locations are undertaken at selected foreshore reserves and parks.

Visitor/user satisfaction with facilities, activities and management of the Riverpark is measured through interviews with users conducted annually at 35 sites around the foreshore – the same sites as surveyed by UI.

Swimming in the river is a favourite recreational activity. The Department of Health provides information about beach grades and tips for healthy swimming.

Economic Benefit

Economic benefit is the additional financial benefit of commercial and residential development and tourism opportunities gained from the Riverpark.

Indicators of direct and indirect economic benefit include residential property amenity premiums, direct revenue from commercial operations and boat asset value.

Assessment of economic benefit is undertaken every 5-10 years through an independent analysis of available data from government and private sector sources.