The Swan Canning Riverpark and the rivers at its heart are a wonderful social, environmental and scenic resource for all West Australians.

DBCA's Parks and Wildlife is committed to ensuring it continues to be a sustainable healthy ecosystem. The department works closely with other State Government agencies, local government authorities, community groups and research institutions to manage the health of the ecosystem.The Parks and Wildlife service is responsible for the waterways and has joint responsibility for the Riverpark shoreline in conjunction with the local or State government land managers under which the adjacent land is vested.

Areas of focus include:

Management of the river system is guided by the Swan Canning River Protection Strategy, which provides a master plan to guide investment, keep the rivers healthy and ensure they are accessible for the community to enjoy. The Parks and Wildlife service has a key role in implementing the strategy and will help coordinate the relevant management actions and reporting on the strategy from 12 partner organisations. Find out more about the Swan Canning River Protection Strategy on the Swan River Trust website

The health of the Riverpark ecosystem was previously managed through innovative programs like the Swan Canning Cleanup Program Action Plan (1999-2005) and the Healthy Rivers Action Plan (2008-2013). More information on these plans is available on the water quality and ecological health page.

The Parks and Wildlife service is a science-based management organisation. Strategic approaches to tackling water quality, foreshore management, ecological health and community amenity issues are underpinned by sound environmental and social science.The Parks and Wildlife service has a strong relationship with the scientific community in universities, CSIRO and government institutions.For an update on science activity in and around the Swan Canning Riverpark, see our recent research activity report.

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