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1080 can kill domestic animals. Always keep pets away from baited areas. Find out more: pdfPet owners beware flyer (PDF 990KB)
  • Be aware of these signs in and around baited areas letting you know about the baiting program and the risk to pets.
  • Pet owners - always assume that there are toxic baits in baited areas.
  • Baits can remain toxic for a many months, and can be anywhere in baited areas.
  • The flesh from animals that have died from 1080 poisoning can remain toxic to dogs and cats for many months.
  • 1080 baiting is a major reason pets are not allowed in most national parks.

Other methods of fox and feral cat management, such as fencing, trapping, shooting, and baiting with other poisons, are used in specific locations to protect extremely vulnerable species or populations. But these other methods are all labour intensive and not practical on the large scale required to protect most species. In addition, other poisons can remain in the environment for a long time, and are dangerous for all animals, whether native, feral or domestic.