The Vegetation Health Service (VHS) provides a dedicated, specialist scientific service for the detection and identification of Phytophthora species from samples associated with Western Australia's forest and conservation estate, timber harvesting and mining activities, private industry and research. Our laboratory is located at Parks and Wildlife’s Kensington office.

Samples received by the VHS can include a mix of soil and plant-root material. The Eucalyptus sieberi cotyledon baiting method is used to detect potential presence of Phytophthora in the samples provided. The Phytophthora species is identified through microscopic examination and measurement of their form and structure. DNA sequencing is also used for identifying selected isolates at the Centre for Phytophthora Science and Management.

All VHS sample results, both Phytophthora positive and negative, and information, including map references and land tenure, are added to the VHS database. This database contains more than 33,000 records going back to the early 1980s, and is made available to researchers and managers as required. Representative Phytophthora cultures are added to the VHS Culture Collection which contains over 1,500 different live cultures. As most of these were collected in WA native vegetation, this is a unique and valuable research resource.

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