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Road and rail reserves are prone to weed infestation that can lead to a loss of biodiversity and aesthetic value. The Roadside Conservation Committee (RCC) has developed a Roadside Environmental Weeds List – a list of weeds that are a particular threat to rail and roadside vegetation in Western Australia.

The list is endorsed by WA’s Minister for Environment. The list has no basis in legislation, but may be used to prioritise and guide best practice management of weeds on road and rail reserves.

  • Roadside weeds - Watheroo

    Healthy native vegetation is not just more attractive – it also suppresses weed invasion. Photo © K. Payne/RCC

  • rcc-fire-grassy-weeds

    Fire on the left verge has allowed weeds to invade. The vegetation on the unburnt right verge remains robust. Photo © K. Payne/RCC