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The Roadside Conservation Committee, in partnership with local volunteers, landcare, community groups and local government, has been coordinating roadside surveys for more than 20 years.

Roadside - Shire of Moora
Photo © Kylie Payne/Parks and Wildlife

The aim is to survey and map all roadsides throughout every shire in the south-west land division of Western Australia. So far, more than 55 shires have been mapped.

Each year, the Roadside Conservation Committee works with a few shires and local community members to undertake a snapshot survey of their roadside vegetation. The surveys note weeds, other threats, and habitat features such as hollow logs and wildlife corridors.

What's involved?

  • The surveys are car-based, using a hand-held PDA/smart phone.
  • Volunteers work in pairs, one as driver and one using the PDA.
  • The surveys are generally undertaken in late winter and spring and training is provided.

What is surveyed?

  • Main vegetation types
  • Structure of the vegetation—trees, shrubs, groundcovers
  • Native vegetation (percentage) and approximate number of species
  • Weed types and overall percentage
  • Habitat features such as hollow logs, tree hollows, threatened flora, flowering shrubs, wildlife corridors
  • Tree decline - fire, dieback, drought, salinity
  • Adjoining land use