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Mooring - Photo © DBCA

If you are interested in installing, owning or using a mooring in a Western Australian marine park or reserve managed by Parks and Wildlife Service, you’ve come to the right place.


Most marine parks and reserves are a focus for recreational boating and marine nature based tourism.  As boat ownership in Western Australia continues to increase, Parks and Wildlife Service manages an increasing demand for moorings in marine parks and reserves to ensure public safety while minimising impacts on the environment.

Moorings play an important role in protecting areas with high conservation value such as coral reef and seagrass because well-designed moorings minimise the need for anchoring and thereby reduce anchor damage.  Moorings also provide better access to locations of interest such as dive sites and provide an improved level of security and safety for vessels.

Moorings in each marine park or reserve are managed in accordance with the management plan and a mooring plan.  Parks and Wildlife Service also applies its policy on moorings (see Forms & downloads below).

A moorings plans will be prepared for each park and will be released as a draft for public comment.

Types of moorings

Parks and Wildlife Service manages three types of moorings:

Installation, ownership and use of moorings

You need permission from Parks and Wildlife Service to install, own and/or use a mooring in marine parks and reserves (that is, lands and waters to which the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 applies).

Please contact the relevant district office of Parks and Wildlife Service if you wish to apply to install, own and/ or use a mooring in a marine park or reserve. You will also need to fill in an application form (see Forms & downloads below).

If you are a licensed commercial operator, authority to install, own and/or use a mooring would be incorporated into your commercial operations licence.

Contacts for further information

Contact the Tourism and Concessions Branch with queries about moorings authorisations and licences, on 9219 9169.

Contact the relevant Parks and Wildlife Service district office to discuss moorings in a particular marine park or reserve:

Moorings contractors

You need permission from Parks and Wildlife Service to install a mooring in a marine park or reserve.  Installation must be conducted by an approved mooring contractor (see Forms & downloads below).

If you are interested in becoming an approved mooring contractor, you will need to provide the following information to Parks and Wildlife Service.

  1. A brief summary of the organisation’s qualifications and experience in installing, maintaining and inspecting moorings (written references may be requested).
  2. A copy of the insurer’s certificate of insurance clearly showing current insurance cover and amounts for General, Professional and Third Party Liability Insurance cover, with Third Party Public Liability Insurance coverage to conduct mooring inspections of at least A$10 million.  (A copy of the current certificate will need to be provided on an ongoing basis.)
  3. Survey details of the vessel/s being used in the operations.
  4. Where permission has been given by Parks and Wildlife Service to install a mooring and you are contracted to install and/or inspect and/or carry out works to maintain a mooring, you are requested to inform the relevant marine park coordinator on when and where you will be working, to ensure smooth operations on the day.

Forms & downloads