The State Government is protecting the nature of one of the world's last great wilderness areas under its visionary Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy, guaranteeing its future as an important conservation, tourism and cultural destination.

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This unprecedented $103.6 million investment in conserving the Kimberley, includes an extra $22.1 million in the 2016-17 State Budget for continuing the creation of marine and national parks, including the Great Kimberley Marine Park, the Kimberley National Park and a new national park at Horizontal Falls.

It is  making a real difference in protecting the region's incredible natural and landscape values and in creating national and marine parks that rival other world renowned parks such as Kakadu in size and biodiversity.

The strategy provides for ongoing work to conserve the landscapes, plants and animals of the Kimberley; facilitates the engagement and cooperation of traditional owners in creating new national parks and marine parks, and advances the scientific research that underpins the management of these protected areas.

It is also expanding eco-friendly nature-based tourism to ensure more people have the opportunity to appreciate the region's outstanding attributes and to generate employment and cultural tourism opportunities for Aboriginal communities.

  • St George Basin Kimberley
    St George Basin, Kimberley Photo: Lesley Gibson/Parks and Wildlife

Key priorities include working with traditional owners on the establishment of the Kimberley National Park in the north Kimberley, and a new national park at Horizontal Falls. All new parks established under the strategy will be jointly managed with traditional owners.

Work is progressing on the implementation of the Landscape Conservation Initiative, focusing on prescribed burning and feral animal and weed control in partnership with Aboriginal ranger groups, traditional owners, non-government organisations and pastoralists.

  • Indigenous rangers mud sampling at Roebuck Bay
    Indigenous rangers mud sampling at Roebuck Bay  Photo: Jen Eliot/Parks and Wildlife
  • Flatback turtle hatchling Photo ֠Kellie Pendoley
    Flatback turtle hatchling Photo: Kellie Pendoley/Parks and Wildlife
  • Humpback Whale
    Humpback whale Photo: Doug Coughran/Parks and Wildlife

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