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Perth Hills: Public Firewood Areas are open and accessible within the Peel Metro zone

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Collecting firewood in the south-west

You do not need a permit ('Authority') to collect firewood in the south-west. However, collecting firewood is only permitted in designated areas.

If the designated firewood collection area falls within a Disease Risk Area (DRA) an approval to enter DRA will be required. A DRA will be identified on your firewood collection area map. Your local DBCA office will be able to issue approval to enter a DRA. This approval includes ‘conditions of entry’ which must be followed.

For more information, please contact your local district office:

Firewood collection area sign
Photo: Firewood Collection Areas sign

South West Region

  • Blackwood District Office
    14 Queen Street BUSSELTON 6280
    Phone (08) 9752 5555 Fax (08) 9752 1432
  • Wellington District Office
    147 Wittenoom Street COLLIE
    PO Box 809 COLLIE 6225
    Phone (08) 9735 1988 Fax (08) 9734 4539

Warren Region

  • Donnelly District Office
    Kennedy Street PEMBERTON
    PO Box 20 PEMBERTON 6260
    Phone (08) 9776 1207 Fax (08) 9776 1410
  • Frankland District Office
    South Coast Highway WALPOLE 6398
    Phone (08) 9840 0400 Fax (08) 9840 1251

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Firewood collection areas - south-west