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Perth Hills: Public Firewood Areas are open and accessible within the Peel Metro zone

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Collecting firewood

Collecting firewood for personal use is permitted in some forest areas managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA). Most areas designated for firewood collection are restricted to State forest located in DBCA’s three forest regions, Swan (Perth Hills), South West and Warren.

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  • Firewood can only be collected for personal use.
  • Only collect firewood from areas shown on maps provided by DBCA. Taking firewood from national parks, nature reserves and conservation parks is not allowed.
  • Only take fallen timber. You cannot cut down any standing tree, either dead or alive, or cut or break off any part of a standing tree for firewood. Felling trees can damage nearby vegetation.
  • There is a limit to how much firewood can be removed, and when this can occur. Between 1 June to 30 September, a maximum of one tonne may be removed every 60 days. Between 1 October to 31 May, a maximum of one tonne can only be removed on any one occasion. As a guide, half a tonne equates to approximately a 6 x 4 trailer loaded 30cm deep.
  • Chainsaws must not be used on days of total fire ban or Very High, Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic fire danger (EmergencyWA).
  • Firewood collection areas have been selected to provide access to a good supply of the resource. Even so, it is not possible to guarantee the quality or quantity of firewood.

Collecting firewood for personal use


Purchasing firewood

Commercial firewood operations are managed through contracts administered by the Forest Products Commission. 

Information on where to purchase firewood sourced from sustainably managed, approved forest harvest operations and approved local firewood suppliers is on the Forest Products Commission website.