Australian School of Fine Wood at Forest Heritage Centre Dwellingup Tourism WA
Australian School of Fine Wood at
Forest Heritage Centre, Dwellingup - Photo © Tourism WA

Wood products are harvested from:

  • native forests (primarily jarrah, karri and wandoo)
  • plantations (predominantly pine).

Much of our native timber is used for value-added products include high quality furniture, flooring, veneers and craft wood. Very little is now used in engineering, such as for power poles or railway sleepers.

Native forest timber harvesting occurs on State forest and timber reserves and on some freehold land held in the name of the Conservation and Land Management Executive Body.

Less than one per cent of the native forest in Western Australia's South West is harvested, in small mosaic pockets throughout the region, annually. These native forests are regenerated over time (see Silviculture).

The amount of wood product that can be taken from forests managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife is outlined in forest management plans.

The overall goal of the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 is to sustain the productive capacity of native forest ecosystems and plantations.