education in the forest with Nearer to Nature
Learning in the forest with Nearer to Nature
Photo © N2N/ Parks and Wildlife

Nearer to Nature education program

The Nearer to Nature team provides teachers, schools and the community with unique, enjoyable activities that help participants discover marvellous natural areas including a focus on forests, biodiversity and forest sustainability.

Nearer to Nature's overall aim is to increase the community's environmental awareness, knowledge and skills, including the related heritage of Indigenous and European cultures.

The program has three centres:

  • The Perth Hills Discovery Centre, on Allen Road (off Mundaring Weir Road), is set in jarrah forest two kilometres from the Mundaring Weir.
  • The Henderson Environmental Centre (Star Swamp), North Beach includes programs about tuart woodland ecosystems and climate change/biodiversity.
  • The Wellington Discovery Centre in the Wellington Discovery Forest runs programs for school groups. It is about 35 kilometres from Bunbury, close to Wellington Dam, about two-and-a-half hours' drive from Perth.

Other useful forest-related education links:

Amycterine weevil Euomus sp 2
Amycterine weevil (Euomus sp.)
Photo © Janet Farr/ Parks and Wildlife


Department of Parks and Wildlife researchers study, describe, monitor and map the species and ecological communities of Western Australia. This research provides an increased understanding of the state's plants and animals, ecological processes and biological resources. It focuses on the conservation of biodiversity in Western Australia, and the sustainable use and management of our natural resources, including forests.

FORESTCHECK provides a range of information to forest managers about changes and trends in biodiversity associated with forest activities. FORESTCHECK:

  • makes a significant contribution to forest science
  • informs forest managers on changes and trends in key elements of forest biodiversity
  • provides a framework for meaningful public participation in forest management
  • provides relevant information to allow the department to comply with reporting requirements associated with sustainable forest management.