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Today's burns

Parks and Wildlife’s prescribed burning program protects lives, property and infrastructure from bushfires through a carefully planned regime of controlled burns.

The benefits of prescribed burning include lower fuel loads across larger areas of the State’s south-west helping the department to reduce the severity and size of bushfires.

It is difficult to provide accurate notice of where and when prescribed burns will take place since the decision to commence a planned burn involves consideration of many factors. The decision to carry out a prescribed burn is made on the day and is dependent on suitable weather conditions and fuel moisture.

Below are the burns being conducted today and those in progress. Smoke may be visible.

If smoke affects you:

  • It is recommended people shut doors and windows, and turn off air-conditioners.
  • People with asthma and pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses should follow their pre-prepared treatment plan.
  • People with conditions exacerbated by smoke should take precautions in line with their medical advice for these circumstances.

For more information please visit Department of Health

Smoke may reduce visibility on some roads. Motorists should take care, turn on headlights and travel at appropriate speeds when travelling in these areas.

Prescribed burns

Prescribed burns


Burns planned for lighting today

Burns planned for lighting today (3)

Burns which have been approved for ignition today. The weather will influence whether or not today's planned prescribed burns are lit.

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Active burns from previous lighting - Planned ignitions today

Active burns from previous lighting - Planned ignitions today (3)

Burns which have current fire activity and where further ignitions are also planned today.

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Active burns from previous lighting - NO planned ignitions today

Active burns from previous lighting - NO planned ignitions today (8)

Burns which have current fire activity. There are no planned ignitions for these burns today.

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Indicative burn plans

Indicative burn plans

These are indicative plans that are subject to change depending on weather factors and changing works program priorities. The plans are current as at December 2017.

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  PHS_143 Gibbs 35km ESE of Jarrahdale

  PHS_126 Flynn 25km SE of Mundaring

  EKM_063 Drysdale Precinct 150km NW of Wyndham

  PHS_131 Bilgoman Road within the locality of Glen Forrest

  PHS_133 Sawyers 2 3km S of Chidlow

  EKM_064 Prince Regent National Park 250km NE of Derby

  WTN_040 Shotts 17km SE of Collie

  PHS_109 John Forrest NP 2 3km W of Parkerville

  SWC_076 Yanchep SF (clearfell) 9km E of Two Rocks

  PHS_119 Darkin River 10km SE of Mundaring

  PHS_106 Jarrahdale Townsite

  PHS_101 Marrinup N of Dwellingup

  SWC_075 Pinjar SF (clear fell) 14km ESE of Yanchep

  SWC_074 Gnangara State Forest 2km W of Ellenbrook Town Centre

*Disclaimer: all locations are approximate indicators only. The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) is not responsible for the content and/or accuracy of Google maps. Not all roads shown on this map are maintained, and are subject to closures.