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Burn implementation

Through years of experience, gained knowledge and valuable scientific research, Parks and Wildlife fire practitioners have identified the best ways to implement a prescribed burn, depending on vegetation types, terrain and desired outcomes.

Lighting sequences and methods are included in each prescribed fire plan. There are two main ignition methods - aerial ignition and hand ignition. A combination of these two methods is sometimes used, and the previously mentioned fuel loads and weather conditions are all strictly adhered to.

A stringent daily ignition approval process is in place to ensure that each burn meets its prescribed conditions.

  • Burn implimentation planning

    Burn implementation planning.

  • Incendiary machine

    Incendiary machine.

Fire fact
A predecessor agency of Parks and Wildlife pioneered aerial burning in the 1960s and Parks and Wildlife continues to lead the world in incendiary technology. See Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC – aerial burning for more information.