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Prescribed fire plan

Each designated burn area has to have a prescribed fire plan prepared for it. This plan identifies all the preliminary work required to prepare the burn for ignition. These works include numerous tasks and checks to ensure the burn can be undertaken safely and effectively and achieve the desired outcome.

Some of these tasks are:

  • checking for rare flora
  • determining the fauna species that are likely to be present
  • undertaking fuel sampling to determine fuel loads and conditions
  • maintaining access around the burn boundaries
  • preparing plans to deal with dieback disease or weed infestations
  • notifying neighbours and users of the area such as beekeepers and tourism operators
  • preparing maps and documentation to assist personnel undertaking the burn.

During this planning section the burn objectives and success criteria are established. Burn objectives are a set of nominated outcomes that are to be achieved. The objectives set should be specific; measurable; achievable; realistic and; time bound. For each objective stated, there is a list of pertinent success criteria. For example, if the burn objective is to create an even mosaic of burnt patches up to 500ha, then the success of this outcome can be measured but using satellite imagery or aerial surveillance to visually see if this was achieved.

The prescribed fire plan also identifies the weather conditions that are required to achieve the stated objectives of the burn and sets the limits and conditions of when and how the burn is to be ignited.