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Proposed burn program

The result of the planning process is an indicative prescribed burning program for the season ahead and the following seasons.

The proposed burns are designed to meet a combination of purposes:

  • biodiversity conservation through application of scientifically based fire regimes to maintain and protect native flora and fauna communities and/or habitats
  • community protection - protection of human life, property, public assets, parks, water catchments, timber values and plantations
  • silvicultural burns for regeneration of native forests following timber harvesting
  • managing vegetation
  • managing water catchment productivity
  • research and
  • community interest.

Once the indicative prescribed burn program has been approved by the department’s Director General, it is published on this website. The programs are shown as maps and as a KML (Google satellite imagery) file on the Indicative burn plans page. Please note that the areas are based on coarse block boundaries only and will change following internal consultation, field inspections and further input from community engagement processes.

With the burn areas identified, the next step is to develop a prescribed fire plan for each burn.