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The Department of Parks and Wildlife undertakes bushfire suppression operations throughout the state during the bushfire season. This may involve using aircraft and fire towers to provide intelligence on fires.

The department also holds trained and experienced firefighters and a large array of fire equipment in readiness to address bushfires when they occur.

A fleet of large 4WD fire tankers and small 4WD units are maintained, along with a fleet of heavy machinery such as dozers. In addition to its own fleet, the department uses a network of contractors and private plant operators around the state to help fight fires.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment
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Bushfire Personal Protective Equipment is designed to offer some protection against bushfire hazards.

When used correctly Personal Protective Equipment offers some protection against radiant heat, flying ash and embers, minor burns, scrapes and abrasions, and smoke.

Parks and Wildlife Personal Protective Equipment consists of:

  • two-piece fire resistant fire overalls
  • heat-resistant steel-capped safety boots
  • a helmet
  • fire fighting gloves
  • bushfire/smoke goggles.

Note Personal Protective Equipment is the last line of defence against a fire. Knowledge, training and risk aware work practices are the primary means of avoiding hazardous situations and injury.