Pickering Brook bushfire.
Photo © Parks and Wildlife

To report a bushfire on Parks and Wildlife-managed land dial 000.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife is responsible for bushfire suppression on the land it manages.

As part of its ‘pdfgood neighbour policy, the department also supports bushfire brigades and the community if bushfires occur near departmental land.

An effective and coordinated approach to bushfire suppression and fire protection planning requires close liaison and working arrangements with other emergency and support services. Parks and Wildlife maintains close liaison with the Forest Products Commission, local government authorities and their bushfire brigades, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and state, district and local emergency management committees.

The department is the designated Controlling Agency for fire on all Parks and Wildlife-managed lands in the state, responsible for coordinating fire prevention, preparedness, response and recovery for fires on departmental land.

Glow from the Northcliffe bushfire 2012.
Photo © Parks and Wildlife

Regardless of tenure, any Level 3 bushfire, being a complex fire in which life and property are at risk, will automatically fall under the overall control of the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner. This will not necessarily mean that DFES will assume the Incident Controller role, but the Commissioner has the authority to direct the response operations.