Hairpin Bend Road – Perth Hills fire 2005
Hairpin Bend Road, Perth Hills fire 2005.
Photo © Leigh Sage

Bushfires will occur in flammable environments. The impact of bushfires can be moderated by minimising the chance that they occur, minimising the potential for them to spread, minimising the size of fires by detecting and suppressing them when they are small and by making assets less vulnerable.

The department uses a risk management process to collate and present information to fire managers so they can make informed decisions on how and where to minimise the risk of bushfire impacts.

Fire managers use this information to inform decisions such as the position and location of the quantity and type of available Parks and Wildlife resources such as:

  • people, fire trucks, fire lookout towers and aircraft
  • where and when to undertake prescribed burning and fire break construction
  • where to locate and maintain strategic fire access
  • where to best invest in community education and awareness programs.

The department's prescribed burning processes are also managed based on rigorous risk assessment aligned with international standards. For more information see prescribed burning - how does Parks and Wildlife manage the risk of escapes?