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Pre-burn checklist briefing given prior to ignition to prescribed burn
Pre-burn checklist briefing given prior to
ignition to prescribed burn. - Photo © Parks and Wildlife

The Department of Parks and Wildlife is working towards a healthy, biodiverse and well-managed Western Australian environment.

Good management of fires in the environment, the marine environment (including establishing a world-class marine reserve system), and our unique forests and wetlands is vital to achieve this goal.

Conservation outside the reserve system is an increasing focus. Threats to our biodiversity occur across all land tenures including parks, pastoral lands, and Aboriginal lands. Major strategies, such as the Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy, therefore increasingly take a tenure-blind approach. This means that to adequately address threats, such as fire, feral animals and weeds, cooperation is needed across property boundaries through partnerships between Parks and Wildlife, traditional owners, pastoralists and other key land managers.

Major threats to our biodiversity, both within and outside reserves, include dieback and salinity.

Western Shield

Western Shield

Western Shield is the Department of Parks and Wildlife's lead animal conservation program, and one of the biggest wildlife conservation programs ever undertaken in Australia.

Find out more about the Western Shield program.