COVID-19 update: Nearer to Nature excursions are now available for booking within the guidelines of each venue. Schools can also book incursions dependant on their school policies. We continue to offer our usual range of School Holiday activities. All Nearer to Nature activities have a Covid-19 Safety Plan.

As the situation changes we will keep you up-to-date with any changes to programming or other relevant information


Incursions (9)

Let Nearer to Nature come to you!

One of our experienced Nearer to Nature officers will bring the biodiversity of the Jarrah forest into your classroom. Single class or whole-of-school incursions can be arranged. In some cases, we may be able to customise a program to suit your needs.

Some excursions may also be conducted at bushland in or near your school, subject to adequate health and safety requirements being met. Please contact your local Nearer to Nature office to arrange this.

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Download our 2021 primary or secondary list of incursions in the Perth Metro area here (

  • Catchment model

    Catchment model

    Learn about catchment land uses with our three-dimensional, hands-on, interactive catchment models.

    Suitable for years 7 to 12


    Year 7 to 10 Year 11 to 12
  • Fire geography

    Fire geography

    Bushfire is a natural part of our ecosystem. How can we manage it to keep ourselves safe and the environment healthy?

    Suitable for years 7 to 12


    Year 7 to 10 Year 11 to 12
  • Incredible invertebrates

    Incredible invertebrates

    Study the busy invertebrates in the schoolyard to learn about features of living things.

    Suitable for years 2 to 4.

    Year PP to 6
  • Junior dolphin watch

    Junior dolphin watch

    Junior Dolphin Watch gives young people an opportunity to be involved in citizen science by monitoring dolphins in Western Australia.

    Suitable for years 3 to 6. 


    Year PP to 6
  • Know your numbats

    Know your numbats

    Numbats are Western Australia fauna emblem and are critically endangered.

    Suitable for years 1 to 3


    Year PP to 6
  • Mobile education centre

    Mobile education centre

    The South West regional mobile education centre contains the full set of fieldwork equipment employed in our very popular range of excursions and incursions.

    Year PP to 6 Year 7 to 10 Year 11 to 12
  • Saving threatened species

    Saving threatened species

    The Gilbert’s Potoroo, Numbat or Woylie may not be household names, but they are among the most threatened mammals on our planet. What can we do to help?

    Suitable for years 3 to 12.

    Year PP to 6 Year 7 to 10 Year 11 to 12
  • The river is our home

    The river is our home

    How lucky are we to have dolphins that call our river home?

    Suitable for years PP to 2

    Year PP to 6
  • Totems yarning

    Totems yarning

    A culture connected to the land.

    Suitable for years 3 to 12


    Year PP to 6 Year 7 to 10 Year 11 to 12