Western Shield

Western Shield

Investigate scientific techniques to re-establish native animals.New Western Shield logo 100

Suitable for Biology (ATAR Unit 1, General Unit 4); Integrated Science (ATAR Unit 2, General Unit 3)


Parks and Wildlife’s Western Shield wildlife recovery program has made significant advances in native animal recovery in WA. Discover the importance of ethics for all work undertaken with animals. Learn about the control of introduced animals and efforts to re-establish native species including captive breeding and the protection and enhancement of habitat. Students investigate and compare a range of invasive and non-invasive monitoring techniques.


  • Understand the factors that contributed to the decline of native species.
  • Learn about the five steps of Western Shield in wildlife recovery.
  • Understand the importance of using a variety of monitoring methods.
  • What you can do help our threatened species.

Additional information

  • Venue

    Dwellingup Forest Heritage Centre, Henderson Environmental Centre, Perth Hills Discovery Centre, Wellington Discovery Forest, Wharncliffe Mill (Margaret River)
  • Year/Type

    Year 11 to 12
  • Learning area

    Biology, Integrated Science
  • Cross curriculum priorities

  • Duration

    4 hours