Wetland connections

Wetland connections

Explore food webs, food chains and other connections in a wetland ecosystem.

Suitable for years 7 to 10.


Wetlands are among the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Students collect data to create their own wetland food web by identifying the main plants and animals, and sampling the invertebrate community that lives beneath the water. Water quality tests enable students to link the non-living to the living environment. They will then consider human impacts and how they can be reduced.


  • Learn about the plants and animals in a wetland ecosystem.
  • Understand how these plants and animals make up a complex food web.
  • Understand how human impacts can have a negative effect on this food web.
  • What you can do to help sustain water quality

Note: Can also be done as an incursion at a wetland near your school.

Additional information

  • Venue

    Henderson Environmental Centre, Lake Joondalup, Wellington Discovery Forest, Wharncliffe Mill (Margaret River)
  • Year/Type

    Year 7 to 10
  • Learning area

  • Cross curriculum priorities

  • Duration

    4 hours