The Noongar way

The Noongar way

Exploring Aboriginal culture in the south west.

Suitable for years 3 to 12.


Traditional Aboriginal culture demonstrates conservation of biodiversity through sustainable use of land and resources. Build knowledge, skills and understanding of Aboriginal culture in relation to food collection, tool making and roles played by different family members. Learn how Aboriginal people used land and resources in a seasonal and sustainable manner.

NOTE: The program and activities will vary depending on the age group of your class.


Exploring Woodlands With Nyoongars and Sharing the Dreaming booklet resource packs are available online

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Additional information

  • Venue

    Wellington Discovery Forest
  • Year/Type

    Year PP to 6, Year 7 to 10, Year 11 to 12
  • Learning area

    Arts, History, Science, Technology and Enterprise
  • Cross curriculum priorities

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Sustainability
  • Duration

    4 hours