Living with fire

Living with fire

Discover the impact of bushfires on environments and communities.

Suitable for years 5 to 6.


Bushfires are a natural part of our environment. They can have a major impact on our communities and the environment but are also important in maintaining biodiversity. In this program students learn about the impacts of bushfires and how we can respond to them and mitigate their effects. Students learn when, where and why bushfires occur and the impacts they have on our native plants and animals and human communities. Students are introduced to methods of bushfire prevention, mitigation and suppression and learn the importance of being prepared. The excursion includes hands on experience with a range of firefighting tools and equipment.

This program includes:

  • An introduction to the fire triangle, fuel reduction and bushfire preparation and fire risk assessment.
  • A bush walk where students learn about the response of plants and animals to fire.
  • Hands on experience with a range of firefighting tools and equipment. A fire truck will be available dependent on season and current fire risk conditions


  • Understand that fire is a natural part of the jarrah forest ecosystem.
  • Understand that fire is important in maintaining biodiversity
  • Understand that prescribed burning is used to mitigate the impact of bushfires
  • Understand that the response by fire-fighting personnel is very important for community safety
  • Have an awareness that the impact of bushfires can be minimised through good planning and preparation

Curriculum links:

Geography (4-6), Science (3-6), English (4-6), Arts

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Additional information

  • Venue

    Perth Hills Discovery Centre, Wellington Discovery Forest, Wharncliffe Mill (Margaret River)
  • Year/Type

    Year PP to 6
  • Learning area

    Arts, English, Geography, Science
  • Cross curriculum priorities

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Sustainability
  • Duration

    4 hours