Incredible invertebrates

Incredible invertebrates

Uncover the world of incredible invertebrates. Students will be amazed at the life going on beneath their feet!

Suitable for Years 1,3 and 4. Also available in the south west as a 2 hour program for senior students.


Invertebrates have many differences but also many similarities.Students will explore and collect invertebrates, then examine their features. Can some be grouped together based on their features? The role of body parts will be discussed and how characteristics determine its habitat. This day of exploring will look at different habitats, relationship with other animals and plants, and why invertebrates are important for a healthy environment.

The program includes:

  • an Incredible Invertebrates excursion including a search for and study of a ‘mystery beast’ and other amazing macro-invertebrates, studying their importance in food chains and looking at adaptations like camouflage
  • a Biodiversitys Base - Incredible Invertebrates  resource pack for use at school
  • a PL day for teachers (optional).


  • Recognise common features of invertebrates
  • Learn the role of body parts and this influences the habitat shown
  • Understand the relationships that invertebrates have with other animals and plants
  • Understand the role invertebrates play in a healthy environment

Curriculum links:

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Additional information

  • Venue

    Dwellingup Forest Heritage Centre, Henderson Environmental Centre, Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park, Perth Hills Discovery Centre, Wellington Discovery Forest, Wharncliffe Mill (Margaret River)
  • Year/Type

    Year PP to 6, Year 11 to 12
  • Learning area

    Biology, Science
  • Cross curriculum priorities

  • Duration

    4 hours, 2 hours