Threatened species

Threatened species

Learn about our unique native wildlife and the threats they face for survival.New Western Shield logo 100

Suitable for years 4 to 6.


Discover how wildlife is being monitored, the efforst to control introduced species and what is being done to create a sustainable future for our native animals. Studnets understand the factors that contribute to the decline of our native species and  practice techniques used to monitor wildlife including trapping and data collection.


  • Recognise Western Australian native wildlife
  • Understand the factors that contributed to the decline of our native species
  • Learn about the importance of data collection and how to monitor wildlife
  • What you can do to help threatened species


pdfDownload the Western Shield action pack here.7.13 MB

Additional information

  • Venue

    Dwellingup Forest Heritage Centre, Henderson Environmental Centre, Perth Hills Discovery Centre, Wellington Discovery Forest, Wharncliffe Mill (Margaret River)
  • Year/Type

    Year PP to 6
  • Learning area

    Geography, Science
  • Cross curriculum priorities

  • Duration

    4 hours