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River Rangers is a primary school cadet program for students in Years 5 and 6. It seeks to engage and educate the next generation of children to help us protect our local rivers. It aims to empower students to make positive change to their local communities and waterways and ultimately, their local river park. River Rangers allows students to actively investigate local issues and design, evaluate and share the results of their projects with other schools and the wider community.

Conservation projects undertaken by River Rangers include tree planting, litter pick-ups, bird and bat box building, biodiversity surveys, water quality testing and building native gardens.

“River Rangers is an outstanding program for engaging primary aged children in environmental action. Our cadets have enjoyed a wide range of learning opportunities, from orienteering and tree planting, to water testing, litter collection and fishing clinics at the river. This term, we will be stencilling drains around our school and painting a huge mural of the river, amongst other exciting activities. In brief, River Rangers provides fabulous opportunities for the empowerment of our children, so they can meaningfully contribute to the sustainability of our catchment area.”
- Dr. Elaine Lewis (Teacher) Coolbinia Primary School

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River Rangers units in WA

There are currently 15 River Rangers units in the Perth metropolitan area.

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