More than 300 River Rangers from nine schools celebrated the end of a successful year at a two-day celebration at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre last month.

Students took part in a variety of Nearer to Nature activities over the two days, learning topics including indigenous culture, sensory awareness, native animal monitoring and the impact of fire.





It is home to more than 600 species of flora and 180 species of fauna, but for Djidi Djidi Primary School students the land between the Preston River and Indian Ocean holds extra special meaning.
The proposed Preston River to Ocean Regional Park stretches from the Bunbury airport in the east to the iconic Maidens Reserve in the west and in between comprises Manea Park, Loughton Park, Hay Park, Tuart Brook Reserve and the Shearwater Tuart Forest.
This natural corridor between the Preston River and the ocean is significant to Noongar people and forms part of several Dreaming stories.
Students were keen to share their stories as part of the Nearer to Nature school incursion this month delivered by the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the South West Catchments Council.