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If you are passionate about the natural environment and want to know more out about nature conservation and its management, then becoming a Bush Ranger is for you!

Resources for Bush Rangers

As a Bush Ranger you will learn new skills, go on camps and get involved in conservation projects within the natural environment. You will also get to practice bush survival techniques, find out more about the role of the Department of Parks and Wildlife, and assist with scientific research projects.

That's just a start!

As a Bush Ranger you will take part in a range of training modules covering:

  • Bush Rangers' qualities
  • practical nature conservation projects
  • working safely in natural environments
  • drill 
  • the meaning of conservation
  • environmental management
  • parks, reserves and landscape management
  • winning back wildlife
  • bushcraft and survival
  • first aid
  • interpretation of the natural environment
  • leadership in nature conservation.

As a Bush Ranger you will be required to wear a uniform which will be provided for you.

Bush Rangers WA is an endorsed program of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (formerly the Curriculum Council).  Completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3 by Bush Ranger cadets in Years 10, 11 and 12 counts towards meeting requirements of the WA Certificate of Education (WACE).

Sounds like the program for you? Want to join? First, you will need to do a bit of research.

  1. Find out whether your school already has an established Bush Ranger unit. If so, speak to the Unit Leader, usually a teacher at the school, to find out when they meet and how you can join.
  2. If your school doesn’t have a unit already then you may be able to join a unit at a nearby school. Check the Location of Bush Ranger Units map to find the closest unit to you and then contact the schools’ Unit Leader for more details.
  3. If neither of these options work for you then why not talk to some people at your school about setting up a Bush Ranger unit? You will need the support of the Principal, a teacher prepared to become a unit leader and some other keen and interested young people.

Good luck!