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The Bush Rangers WA program could not operate without the commitment, support and passion of teachers, parents and other community members who volunteer their time to coordinate activities for Bush Rangers.

The program is part of the broader Cadets WA program coordinated and financially supported by the Department of Local Government and Communities. To familiarize you with what’s required go to Setting up a Cadet Unit and read How to Set Up a Cadet Unit.

If it looks like this is the program for your school, then contact the Department of Local Government and Communities on 1800 281 116 or (08) 6551 8700 and ask to speak with the Cadets WA Program Coordinator. Alternatively, get in touch via email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*Please note that a Bush Rangers WA unit cannot be established without the approval and sign off from the Department of Local Government and Communities.

Once accepted in to the program a range of resource materials and other support will be available to you from the State Bush Rangers WA Office located within the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

What’s involved?

The program requires Bush Rangers to undertake a number of training modules, the details of which are outlined in a set of comprehensive training manuals made available to all Bush Ranger units. Topics covered include:

Bush Rangers

  • Bush Rangers' qualities
  • practical nature conservation projects
  • working safely in natural environments
  • drill
  • the meaning of conservation
  • environmental management
  • parks, reserves and landscape management
  • winning back wildlife
  • bushcraft and survival
  • first aid
  • interpretation of the natural environment
  • leadership in nature conservation

Other resources made available to units includes:

  • logbooks for documenting student achievement
  • a range of Reward/camp activities for Bush Rangers to get involved in and
  • professional learning opportunities for unit leaders and instructors.

There are three levels of training within the program each of which increases in complexity as Bush Ranger cadets advance in rank from level 1 to level 3.

  • Level 1: Ranger Recruit and Ranger
  • Level 2: First Class Ranger and Senior Ranger
  • Level 3: Ranger Section leader, Deputy Ranger Leader and Unit Ranger leader.

Bush Rangers are required to wear a uniform.

Bush Rangers WA is an endorsed program of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (formerly the Curriculum Council). Completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3 by Bush Ranger cadets in Years 10, 11 and 12 counts towards meeting requirements of the WA Certificate of Education (WACE)

To meet the WACE completion requirement, students must complete at least 20 units. At least 10 units must be from courses accredited by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, while up to 10 unit equivalents can be from endorsed programs.

View the Resources page for access to program resources.