The Department of Parks and Wildlife receives many requests from people wishing to work with the department in a voluntary or work experience capacity.

Work experience programs for individuals may be limited to one or two weeks depending on availability and demand.

For work experience as a volunteer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the Parks and Wildlife Branch or District in which you are interested or in which you live (see Parks and Wildlife offices and Volunteering opportunities).

Educational work experience programs

Most, but not all secondary schools operate a work experience program run by the Department of Education and Training (DET). This program is funded, administered and evaluated by the schools and all students are insured for workers compensation by DET. Work experience in some operational areas of the department may be arranged as follows:

National parks
Working with a park ranger in one of Western Australia's national parks.

  • Perth Metropolitan area
    The closest national parks are Yanchep and John Forrest. Contact the Ranger in Charge.
  • Outside Metropolitan area
    A list of postal addresses for all national parks can be obtained from Parks and Wildlife’s Head Office in Kensington, phone (08) 9334 0333.

Wildlife protection and animal care
Work experience is not offered in this area of work. Wildlife protection and investigation work is often confidential and/or risky. No work experience is available in animal care.
State Forests
If you are interested in working with a forest ranger, in a forest district responsible for the management and control of State forests or plantations, or with any Parks and Wildlife Forest District Manager, see the Parks and Wildlife offices page for addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers.
Science Division
Work experience may be offered in the Science Division, although places are limited. The Division has research centres or laboratories at Kensington (including the WA Herbarium), Woodvale, Dwellingup, Manjimup and Busselton. Applicants can contact their nearest centre for information.