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Below is a summary of fixes and enhancements made to Max3, since the intial release. Please report any other bugs you find to Simon Woodman

Version - 14 April 2016

Issue: Query Builder

Error when opening query builder on collecting book.
Query Builder produced an error when running on a collecting book. Issue has been resolved.

New Functionality

Export to CSV
Previously there was only a table export to Excel format available. An additional request was made for CSV which has been implemented.

Modified Functionality

Hide the Collecting Book | Export | Waherb menu option
This menu option is now hidden if Tools | Collecting Book | Display WAHerb options is off.


Collecting Book Error in Label Printing Dialog.
An "invalid integer value error" is displayed when displaying the print label dialog box. The collecting book contains in excess of 1,000 records, and previously when printing a range with a minimum or maximum value over 1,000 had been selected. This problem is now resolved.

Version - 19 June 2012

Issue: Query Builder

Genera table not available
Fields from the new genera table were not selectable in the query builder.

Issue: Name Qualifiers

Taxon name qualifers were not displayed correctly
The qualifers aff. and cf. did not have a space before the next part.

Version - 22 April 2012

Issue: Collecting Book

Could not modify the Author field
The Author field on the collecting book form was read only.

Issue: Collecting Book

Max didn't recognised previous collecting book structure
Opening a table that has the structure of a collecting book, but no meta data, should result in a prompt to always open it as a collecting book. If the table was missing the new FAMILY_NID field then this check was failing.

Version - 16 February 2012

Issue: Table Design Form

Could not creating supplement table
A bug in the table design form was preventing users from creating supplement tables.

Issue: Supplement Names

Could not add a new supplement name
The updated supplement table structure has been corrected.

Issue: HTML Report Report Failing

The HTML report has been corrected and the default template updated.

Issue: Collecting Book

Copy Previous Record and Copy from Template
There is now an option to select whether or not to include the species name fields when copying from the previous record or from a template

Issue: Florabase Integration

Photos and Maps not working
The photo and map working functionality has now been corrected.

Version - 05 April 2011

Master List Restructure Family Code Deprecated

Family code has been deprecated and replaced with the new Family Name Identifier.

Version - 02 August 2010

ISSUE-0000926 Installation Focus

Registration details dialog box in the installation problem did not always show in front of the main installation screen.

ISSUE-0001933 Coordinate data entry in collecting book issues

Entering co-ordinates in UTM produced a shift in the co-ordinates when converted to decimal degrees. The collecting book currently only stores co-ordinates in decimal degree format, but will be updated later to store the co-ordinates as entered by the user. In the mean time the co-ordinate conversion routines have been revised so that there is no shift in the co-ordinates when converting between decimal degrees and UTM.

ISSUE-0001051 Name Changes report in MAX 3

Users can now specify if they want to see just names that have been added to the master list, rather than including any name updates.

ISSUE-0001069 Ctrl-D wierdness after re-ordering columns?

If columns in a data table had been re-orderd, using Ctrl+D (copy from the field in the previous record) produced unexpected results.

ISSUE-0001071 Copy record plant name

Re-instated the context menu for the full species name displayed at the top of both the data table and collecting book forms.

ISSUE-0001068 Page on Modifying reports contains typo


ISSUE-0000943 Duplicate Record doesn't copy all fields.

Species name fields were deliberately not being copied when duplicating a collecting book record. This has been modified so that now they are.

ISSUE-0000938 Autopopulate of collecting book record

Confusion relating to the fact that the collecting book setting is table specific. This setting has been added to the table design form to make it more obvious to the user.

ISSUE-0001002 Copy Previous Field / Record oddness

Copying the previous field was not consistent depending on whether the user had pressed the Insert key to get a new record in a data table, rather then clicking the + button on the navigation bar. Functionality between the two has now been made the same.

Version - 3 October 2005

ISSUE-0000963 Species name does not display when scrolling through MySQL database table

This error was caused by the MySQL ODBC driver not being configured properly. The options "Don't Optimize Column Width" and "Return Matching Rows" need to be select in the MySQL ODBC DSN Configuration.

ISSUE-0000961 Access violations after using Alt+M for Data Links connections

The more information dialog box was producing access violations when connected to a non-microsoft access database. These have been corrected. This problem was probably introduced when fixing ISSUE-0000930. Errors also occurred when scrolling through a query result set.

Version - 19 September 2005

ISSUE-0000951 Save Changes before creating User-Defined Fields in a Collecting Book

If the current record in a collecting book was being edited when the user clicked on the "Add Field" button on the last page of the collecting book, then any pending changes were lost. The current changes are now posted to the database before allowing the user to add a new field. A similar issue applied to switching between form view and datasheet view, with the same resolution.

ISSUE-0000945 Can't import data table

If the user was trying to import a Microsoft Access table that contained a boolean field, refered to as a Yes/No field in Microsoft Access, then an exception was produced. Max was not correctly recognising this type of field in the source table, so could not create the destination table for the data.

ISSUE-0000942 Add button for creating supplemental name

A button has been added to the toolbar to give the users a quick method of adding a name to the supplement table.

ISSUE-0000941 File name not displayed on label

There is an option on the print labels dialog box for the filename to be displayed on the label. This had no effect. Now when the user selects this option the name of the Microsoft Access database is added to the bottom of the label, followed by the name of the collecting book in brackets.

ISSUE-0000937 Ctrl T doesn't work if Copy From Tempate is not already selected

A new function has been added to the collecting book where the user can populate details of the record from the template database by selecting from a list of values. Ctrl T initiates the process. Several issues were encountered during the development of this process, all of which are now resolved.

ISSUE-0000935 Precision of GDA coords is only 3 decimal places

The existing coordinate conversion from geographical to UTM coordinates was rounding the UTM coordinates to 3 decimal places. This rounding has now been removed.

ISSUE-0000936 Disable autoincrement on collector number in template

When entering new records into the collecting book template table, the collector number was being incremented. This should not have been occurring and has been fixed.

ISSUE-0000933 Creating a new table

When the user creates a new table from the table design form, they are prompted to enter a name for the new table. If a table already existed with the same name then an exception occurred. Now a check is done to see if there is a table with the specified name and if so the user is prompted to replace the existing table. If they choose not to do so, they are returned to the dialog box where they can specify a different table name.

ISSUE-0000932 Null values in drop down boxes of collecting book

There are several fields in the collecting book where the user enters the value via a drop down list. Originally there was no null or empty value in the list if the user wanted to clear the value of the field. Pressing the Delete key whilst the control had focus worked, but was not obvious. A blank entry has now been added to the top of the list to clear the field.

ISSUE-0000930 Name status line not updating

The status line for secondary name identifier fields was not updating properly if the master list for the secondary name was different to the primary name identifier. The name for the secondary name identifier was being looked up in the wrong master list.

ISSUE-0000928 Max update and evaluation serial numbers

The Max update utility would not update the users version of Max if they were using an evaluation serial number. This has now been changed.

ISSUE-0000927 Access violation on updating Max

The Max update utility produced an exception if Max was not already installed on the users machine. Now the user is notified that they need to install Max before running any updates. The utility then terminates cleanly.

ISSUE-0000798 Max Files are dropping the 0 (zero) at the beginning of the Bar Code number

The CSV export files for used to import the data into WAHERB were being incorrectly produced with the leading zeros on the sheet number field.

Version - 31 August 2005

ISSUE-0000922 Name not showing for secondary NameID
ISSUE-0000921 Field roster navigation
ISSUE-0000888 Set a maximum column width when a Max data table is opened
ISSUE-0000887 Max Data Tables restricted to 6 secondary NameID fields
ISSUE-0000886 Find and Replace dialog improvements
ISSUE-0000885 Validation on the Main Name ID setting on the Table Design form is case-sensitive
ISSUE-0000881 Pass-Through Query too restrictive for Non-Microsoft Jet database
ISSUE-0000880 Modify start-up screen to display any Data Links Connections
ISSUE-0000867 Creating a subset of a collecting book
ISSUE-0000845 Reinstate the display of the last date that the master list was updated
ISSUE-0000842 HTML report fails when generated from a MAX species data table

Version - 15 June 2005

ISSUE-0000869 Querying WAHERB using "IS NULL" or "IS NOT NULL" criteria returns wrong record count
ISSUE-0000868 Filter using null or not null isn't working
ISSUE-0000866 Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate through the records in a Collecting Book
ISSUE-0000863 Can not restructure a SQL Server table that contains an identity column
ISSUE-0000861 Re-introduce the Report Explorer menu option
ISSUE-0000860 UTM codes not converting to Degrees, Minutes and Seconds in Collecting Book
ISSUE-0000859 Make the automatic sizing of columns on reports an option
ISSUE-0000853 Can not filter a table in a MySQL database
ISSUE-0000858 Error when copying a SQL Server table
ISSUE-0000850 Table Design does not load correctly for MySQL databases