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Order Max or regular updates of WACensus

The development of Max has been undertaken by the Science Division within the Department of Environment and Conservation in Western Australia. We believe there is a real need for the names of Western Australia’s plants and animals to be as widely available as possible to more effectively document the biota and facilitate the conservation process. It is not our intention, therefore, to profit commercially from providing basic names data.

However, the cost of maintaining a comprehensive names database, constantly reviewing the literature and trapping name changes is substantial. While larger organisations have the resources to develop forms-based applications that intelligently deploy names data, these are beyond the capacity of most community groups or individuals. Thus we have sponsored the development of an intelligent names browser, collecting book and editing utility, and the associated development costs. Max pricing is not based on cost recovery (which would obviously incur far higher prices). Rather, it is a means to subsidising the ongoing provision of high quality names data together with regular updates, as well as assisting the ongoing development of Max.

The WA Herbarium, which provides the names for Western Australian Plants and houses the development of Max, encourages collaboration with non-profit research institutions, conservation agencies and individuals or groups having an explicit conservation focus. Fauna names are provided courtesy of the Western Australian Museum, with additional names added by DEC's Species and Communities Branch.

Max software

The basic unit cost for Max is A$385.00 (includes 10% GST). However, discounts for Max may be available, on application, if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • WA Herbarium colleague or collaborator
  • Academic or private use
  • Government or non-profit community organisations

Of course, any discounting is subject to the discretion of the WA Herbarium. Feel free to email us for more information on available discounts, explaining how you fit into the above categories.

Site licensing is available for all categories (except academic and private, which already have substantial discounts). The first unit is charged at full price. Subsequent units are charge at half price. For example, three copies of Max would cost A$385 + (2 × A$192) = A$770.

Species name updates

In addition to purchasing Max, you may also choose to obtain monthly updates of the names of Western Australian plants and animals. This is a particularly worthwhile investment if you wish to take advantage of the latest nomenclatural and taxonomic information on Western Australian plant and animal species and Maximise the value of your database. Note that, at this stage, updates to animal names are likely to occur less often than plant names. We hope to improve the frequency of animal name updates over time.

Updates can be purchased for A$165 if Max has also been purchased, or A$220 if only WACensus data are required (all prices are inclusive of 10% GST). This will entitle you to monthly updates of WA plant and animal names for one year from date of purchase.

Order Max or regular updates of WACensus