Science Information Sheets aim to communicate research findings and information in a concise and easy to understand manner.

110 pdfWalpole Fine Grain Fire Mosaic163.89 KB A Wills July 2022
109 pdfEstimation of juvenile period in slow-maturing plants 320.94 KB C Gosper, J Kinloch, R van Dongen, E Adams, S Barret, A Cochrane, S Comer, L McCaw, R Miller, C Yates (DBCA), R Gallagher (WSU) and S Prober (CSIRO) June 2022
108 pdfFuel dynamics in Banksia woodlands.pdf292.96 KB R Tangney, R Miller, K Ruthrof, B Miller (DBCA), J Fontaine and W Veber (Murdoch University) May 2022
107 pdfRestoring a threatened ecological community 328.21KB. C Elliott, P Golos, J Stevens, B Miller (DBCA), L Commander (UWA) and L Merino-Martin (URJC) May 2022
106 pdfManaging feral cats to protect northern quolls in the Pilbara 1.36MB.pdf R Palmer, L Gibson, M Craig and G Pitt (DBCA)  Mar 2022
105 pdf Experimental test of seedling recruitment response to fire 413.38 KB.pdf R Miller, D Merritt, B Miller (DBCA), J Fontaine, N Enright (Murdoch University)

Aug 2021

104 pdfHigh predation of marine turtle hatchlings near a coastal jetty297.78 KB  H Hampson, T Simpson, S Whiting (DBCA), (AIMS)  Apr 2021
103 pdfGenetic relationships of Isoodon bandicoot species in southern and western Australia351.83 KB R Sun, K Ottewell, M Byrne (DBCA) Jan 2021 
102 pdfMonitoring the abundance of greater bilbies290.66 KB M Dziminski, F Carpenter (DBCA) Jan 2021
101 pdfUnderstanding and predicting riparian decline459.34 KB K Trayler (DBCA), M Hipsey (UWA) Dec 2020
100 pdfHabitat values of seagrass, macroalgae and wrack in Swan Canning Riverpark248 KB K Trayler (DBCA), G Hyndes (ECU) Dec 2020
99 pdfManaging feral cats in an arid landscape495.38 KB C Lohr, D Algar Dec 2020
98 pdfPrescribed burning benefits threatened mammals in Kimberley tropical savannas276.91 KB I Radford, B Corey, K Carnes, R Fairman, L Woolley Oct 2020
97 pdfLoss of seagrass driven by marine heatwave in Shark Bay Marine Park and World Heritage Area527.84 KB S Strydom, S Wilson and K Murray Sep 2020
96 pdfMonitoring and transolcation of banded and rufous hare-wallabies289.84 KB S Cowen, C Sims, K ottwell Sep 2020
95 pdfProvenancing for landscape restoration in the Midwest259.88 KB
M Millar, D Coates, M Byrne, M Williams, D Roberts Aug 2019
94 pdfFine-scale change in jarrah forest understorey vegetation assemblages over time is independent of fire regime235.89 KB N Burrows, B Ward, A Wills, M Williams, R Cranfield Aug 2019
93 pdfIdentifying water sources that sustain mound springs in the Walyarta Conservation Park496.7 KB J Rutherford Jan 2019
92 pdfEngaging the community: A little penguin citizen science project301.00 KB G Shedrawi, A Bertram, M Evans, A Kendrick, E Clitheroe, K Bancroft Aug 2018
91 pdfClay-rich landscapes mould unique wetland assemblages in the Pilbara's Fortescue Valley398 KB A Pinder, M Lyons, M Collins, L Lewis, K Quinlan, R Coppen, F Thompson Nov 2017
90 pdfAssessing benthic assemblages from fish survey videos294.58 KB S Wilson, T Holmes, G Shedrawi, K Bennett, D Collins, T Langlois and D McLean Dec 2016
89 pdfEnvironmental factors that promote coral recovery following warm water bleaching 606.08 KB S Wilson, N Graham Dec 2016
88 pdfAnt communities of gimlet woodlands and how they change over centuries following fire1.44 MB C Gosper, M Pettit, A Anderson, C Yates, S Prober Nov 2016
87 pdfAssessment of camera traps to detect mammals386.39 KB N Thomas, M Cowan Nov 2016
86 pdfBivalve molluscs of Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park273.24 KB A Kendrick, M Rule, G Hyndes, P Lavery Nov 2016
85 pdfValidation of visual fuel assessments in gimlet woodlands848.91 KB C Gosper, C Yates, S Prober, G Wiehl Oct 2016
84 pdfWeed management priorities in the Great Western Woodlands in a climate change context2.02 MB C Gosper, C Yates, S Prober, J Scott Oct 2016
83 pdfCane River Conservation Park bush blitz1.91 MB A.S. Markey Dec 2015
82 pdfDecision support software for prioritising management actions on Western Australia's islands474.47 KB Cheryl Lohr Jul 2015
81 pdfThe age of jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) and marri (Corymbia calophylla) trees132.84 KB Kim Whitford Dec 2014
80 pdfUnderstanding the responses of aquatic fauna to altered hydrology in Wheatbelt wetlands421.82 KB DJ Cale and AM Pinder Dec 2014
79 pdfPatterns of richness: ground-dwelling beetles of the Pilbara395.22 KB Nadine A Guthrie, Allan Burbidge Nov 2014
78 pdfKimberley islands - microcosms of the mainland's flora and vegetation342.96 KB Michael Lyons Nov 2014
77 pdfThe vegetation of Western Australia at the 13,000,000 scale explanatory memoir. Second edition515.74 KB JS Beard, GR Beeston, Judith Harvey, AJM Hopkins and DP Shepherd Aug 2014
76 pdfHermite Island Fauna Reconstruction495.99 KB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May 2014
75 pdfA Portal to the Pilbara's Threatened Fauna413.73 KB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May 2014
74 pdfEffective control of Geraldton carnation weed (Euphorbia terracina) facilitates recovery of invaded plant communities494.18 KB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May 2014
73 pdfSeasonal cycles in Ningaloo seaweed meadows367.66 KB Chris Fulton, Martial Depczynski, Ben Radford, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May 2014
72 pdfMulti-century changes in vegetation structure and fuel availability in fire-sensitive eucalypt woodlands626.85 KB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Suzanne Prober Feb 2014
71 pdfClimate-resilient revegetation of multi-use landscapes: adaptation to climate in widespread eucalypt species243.69 KB Margaret Byrne, S Prober, E McLean, D Steane, WD Stock, RE Vaillancourt and BM Potts June 2013
70 pdfRemnant shape strongly influences reproduction and progeny fitness in fragmented populations310.92 KB</> Tanya Llorens, Colin Yates, Margaret Byrne, Heidi Nistelberger, Matthew Williams and David Coates Jun 2013
69 pdfPlant mating patterns change with different aspects of habitat fragmentation370.86 KB Tanya Llorens, Margaret Byrne, Colin Yates, Heidi Nistelberger and David Coates Jun 2013
68 pdfChanges in plant diversity and vegetation composition with time since fire in gimlet woodlands328.84 KB Carl Gosper, Colin Yates and Suzanne Prober May 2013
67 pdfKukerin Sun-Moth, Synemon sp. Kukerin, rediscovered513.19 KB Andrew AE Williams, Matthew R Williams May 2013
66 pdfA new, rare Tetratheca from the Goldfields Region444.25 KB

Ryonen Butcher Feb 2013
65 pdfAgeing long-unburnt Gimlet woodlands488.02 KB

Carl Gosper, Colin Yates, Suzanne Prober and Georg Wiehl Feb 2013
64 pdfPlant functional types as a tool for predicting vegetation change with time since fire340.8 KB

Carl Gosper, Colin Yates and Suzanne Prober Feb 2013
63 pdfEcological condition of streams in south-west forests385.13 KB

Melita Pennifold Jan 2013
62 pdfThe contribution of Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) digging to rangeland restoration at Lorna Glen324.15 KB

Tamra Chapman Jan 2013
61 pdfGroundwater disconnection drives streamflow decline277.93 KB

Joe Kinal and Geoff Stoneman Nov 2012
60 pdfCoral disease at Ningaloo Marine Park566.63 KB

Shaun Wilson Nov 2012

59 pdfNew discoveries amongst the tiny triggerplants413.15 KB

Juliet Wege Aug 2012
58 pdfFORESTCHECK: Terrestrial vertebrate associations with fox control and silviculture in jarrah forest413.15 KB

Adrian Wayne and Graeme Liddelow Aug 2012
57 pdfFORESTCHECK: The response of birds to silviculture in jarrah forest280.95 KB

Graeme Liddelow, Richard Robinson and Ian Abbott Aug 2012
56 pdfFORESTCHECK: The response of macro-invertebrates to silviculture in jarrah forest381.56 KB

Janet Farr and Allan Wills Aug 2012
55 pdfFORESTCHECK: The response of lichens and bryophytes to silviculture in jarrah forest387.52 KB

Richard Robinson and Ray Cranfield Aug 2012
54 pdfFORESTCHECK: The response of macrofungi to silviculture in jarrah forest333.43 KB

Richard Robinson Aug 2012
53 pdfFORESTCHECK: The response of vascular flora to silviculture in jarrah forest319.22 KB

Bruce Ward, Richard Robinson and Ray Cranfield Aug 2012
52 pdfFORESTCHECK: Monitoring soil disturbance caused by timbers harvesting in jarrah forest283.02 KB

Kim Whitford Aug 2012
51 pdfFORESTCHECK: The effects of silviculture on the structure of jarrah forest stands327.82 KB

Lachlan McCaw Aug 2012
50 pdfThe FORESTCHECK project: Integrated biodiversity monitoring in jarrah forest274.42 KB

Richard Robinson Aug 2012
49 pdfExtreme ocean warming drives coral bleaching across WA600 KB James AY Moore, Heather Barnes, Richard Evans, Stuart Field, Kim Friedman, Thomas Holmes, Rachael Middlebrook, George Shedrawi and Shaun Wilson in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Marine Science, CSIRO and the WA Department of Fisheries Jul 2012
48 pdfBenthic algae and seagrass of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park391.33 KB John Huisman, Alan Kendrick and Michael Rule Jul 2012
47 pdfHabitat associations of juvenile coral reef fish494.22 KB

Shaun Wilson, Thomas Holmes and Martial Depczynski Apr 2012
46 pdfMangroves of the Shark Bay Marine Park508.09 KB

Michael Rule, Alan Kendrick, and John Huisman Mar 2012
45 pdfArmillaria root disease in karri regrowth forests399.82 KB

Richard Robinson Mar 2012
44 pdfIntertidal reef communities of the Marmion and Shoalwater Islands marine parks537.07 KB

Alan Kendrick, Michael Rule, and John Huisman Mar 2012
43 pdfCording to reduce soil disturbance during timber harvesting291.44 KB

Kim Whitford Nov 2011
42 pdfApplication of digital photogrammetry to measure a cast of an animal excavation111.6 KB

Tamra Chapman Nov 2011
41 pdfGraceful Sun-Moth (Synemon gratiosa)613.2 KB

Tim Gamblin, Carly Bishop, Matthew Williams and Andrew Williams Jun 2011
40 pdfSeed production in jarrah forest278.18 KB

Kim Whitford and Geoff Stoneman Nov 2010
39 pdfUsing fruit crop and mortality to determine appropriate fire return intervals190.63 KB

Carl Gosper, Colin Yates and Suzanne Prober Nov 2010
38 pdfEnvironmental associations of small ground-dwelling mammals in the Pilbara124.9 KB

Lesley Gibson and Norm McKenzie Sep 2010
37 pdfBullseye borer (Phoracantha acanthocera) in karri368.71 KB

Janet Farr Sep 2010
36 pdfSpecies response to climate change – can the past inform the future?214.82 KB

Margaret Byrne Sep 2010
35 pdfLong-term viability of locally restricted species in a threatened ecological community144.25 KB

Colin Yates, Margaret Byrne, and Neil Gibson Aug 2010
34 pdfTargeted taxonomy: describing Western Australia’s conservation-listed flora321.32 KB

Juliet Wege Aug 2010
33 pdfChanges in plant diversity and vegetation structure with time-since-fire in mallee and mallee-heath192.4 KB

Carl Gosper, Colin Yates, Suzanne Prober & Blair Parson May 2010
32 pdfEphemeral clay-based wetlands of the South West301.74 KB

Neil Gibson Jan 2010
31 pdfA new, rare Hibbertia discovered on Bandalup Hill194.81 KB

Juliet Wege and Adrienne Markey Dec 2009
30 pdfRavensthorpe Range Biological Survey159.03 KB

Neil Gibson Dec 2009
29 pdfSoil seed bank persistence of two South African geophytes216.9 KB

Kate Brown and Grazyna Paczkowska Oct 2009
28 pdfManagement of the Ramsar-listed Vasse-Wonnerup wetlands150.35 KB

Jim Lane Oct 2009
27 pdfEcological effects of creating fuel-modified zones by chaining and burning256.63 KB

Carl Gosper, Colin Yates and Suzanne Prober Oct 2009
26 pdfNatureMap: Mapping Western Australia’s Biodiversity241.45 KB

Paul Gioia Oct 2009
25 pdfUnderstanding Mulga109.47 KB

Bruce Maslin and Jordan Reid Sep 2009
24 pdfIdentifying important areas for conserving short-range endemic millipedes in south-west Western Australia135.43 KB

Melinda L Moir (Western Australian Museum [WAM]), Karl EC Brennan (dpaw Goldfields Region) and Mark S Harvey (WAM) Sep 2009
23 pdfFloristic surveys of the Banded Ironstone Ranges335.35 KB

Neil Gibson Aug 2009
22 pdfHydrological impacts of timber harvesting?99.44 KB

Joe Kinal Aug 2009
21 pdfFaunal extinctions – Where and how have populations disappeared?161.34 KB

Ian Abbott Jul 2009
20 pdfSalt-loving shrimps threatened by salinisation?184.8 KB

Adrian Pinder, Brian Timms, Veronica Campagna Jul 2009
19 pdfReducing soil disturbance during timber harvesting242.69 KB

Kim Whitford Jul 2009
18 pdfSeed Conservation: Supporting the conservation of plant diversity205.31 KB

Anne Cochrane & Andrew Crawford Jun 2009
17 pdfWildfires can be bad for biodiversity142.08 KB

Neil Burrows Jun 2009
16 pdfJarrah leafminer: a damaging pest of jarrah forest135.45 KB

Allan Willis May 2009
15 pdfNative flies attracted to bushfires434.69 KB

David Klocke, Anke Schmitz and Helmut Schmitz, Institut für Zoologie, Universität Bonn May 2009
14 pdfA biological survey of the Kimberley islands198.62 KB

Lesley Gibson May 2009
13 pdfCoral Bay reef recovery309.49 KB

Shannon Armstrong May 2009
12 pdfGumleaf skeletoniser in the jarrah forest142.44 KB

Janet Farr Apr 2009
11 pdfThe status of the coral predator Drupella cornus at Ningaloo Marine Park173.74 KB

Shannon Armstrong Mar 2009
10 pdfFragmentation but not fire facilitates weed invasion in mallee205.11 KB

Carl Gosper, Colin Yates, Suzanne Prober Mar 2009
09 pdfMonitoring fox and feral cat populations using sand plots127.78 KB

Keith Morris Mar 2009
08 pdfPhytophthora dieback – detecting the pathogen151.96 KB

Mike Stukely Feb 2009
07 pdfWoylie declines: what are the causes?154.43 KB

Adrian Wayne Feb 2009
06 pdfFire regimes and forest tree health137.25 KB

Neil Burrows & Bruce Ward Feb 2009
05 pdfSeed collection zones for forest management224.15 KB

Margaret Byrne Feb 2009
04 pdfGilbert's potoroo translocated to new areas find their fungi175.71 KB

Neal Bougher & Tony Friend Feb 2009
03 pdfBiodiversity values of Weeli Wolli Spring: A priority ecological community173.88 KB

Stephen van Leeuwen Jan 2009
02 pdfMonitoring conservation values of a Ramsar wetland: Vasse-Wonnerup wetlands system, Busselton68.79 KB

Jim Lane Jan 2009
01 pdfFire mosaics can enhance macrofungal biodiversity137.27 KB

Richard Robinson Jan 2009