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Volume 10

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The status and distribution of naturalised alien plants on the islands of the west coast of Western Australia
MT Lohr and G Keighery

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Whale shark behavioural responses to tourism interactions in Ningaloo Marine Park and implications for future management
Holly Raudino, Dani Rob, Peter Barnes, Roland Mau, Emily Wilson, Sarah Gardner and Kelly Waples
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Compensatory responses by a fox population to artificial density reduction in a rangeland area in Western Australia
NJ Marlow, PC Thomson and NE Kok

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The effect of rabbit-warren ripping on the consumption of native fauna by foxes in the arid zone of New South Wales
NJ Marlow and DB Croft

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An opportunistic survey of aquatic invertebrates in the Goldfields region of Western Australia
Kirsty Quinlan, Adrian Pinder, Rebecca Coppen and Jennifer Jackson

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A test case for the use of DNA barcoding using Berosus (Order: Coleoptera)
Kirsty Quinlan and Kym Ottewell

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Strategic marine ecological research priorities for CALM Act marine parks and reserves 2016–2021.
A Kendrick, S Wilson, K Friedman, K Waples, S Whiting, T Holmes, M Rule, A Halford, T Quartermaine, A Bobojcov, A Mccarthy, D Stevens, R Marshall, P Barnes, D Holley, P Jennings, M Evans, M Dasey, S Ossinger and J Holmes

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The status and distribution of non-native plants on the gazetted and territorial islands off the north coast of Western Australia
Michael Thomas Lohr, Cheryl Anne Lohr, Greg Keighery and Vicki Long

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A survey for Wijingadda (northern quoll Dasyurus hallucatus) and other fauna on islands in Dambimangari country in Talbot Bay (Kimberley, Western Australia)
R Palmer, R Mott, T Sonneman, S Garretson, N McKenzie, N Thomas, D Barrow, J Coffey, K Woolagoodja, E Jungine and J Umbagai