Lake Bryde.
Lake Bryde - Photo © Parks and Wildlife

With considerable emphasis on community engagement, including involvement of local landholders, the ACC envisages that the future will be "to enjoy a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable rural lifestyle within a healthy and beautiful landscape, including land, water, biodiversity and built infrastructure."
(Avon Catchment Council, 2005)

With the natural diversity aspects of this goal in mind the ACC funded, through federal and state government bodies, six projects during 2005-2009 to understand, extend and protect the Avon's valuable natural diversity.

The projects enabled by this funding are now largely complete, and have made important findings, particularly the baselining (link) project.

Baselining funding supported the ongoing development of NatureMap as part of Avon Investment Plan commitments to produce a biodiversity information system for the region. A number of products have been, and will be, published through NatureMap as well as hard copy, such as wetland boundaries and vegetation mapping.

The six projects are:

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