Research Project: Biometrics


Project Context

Scientific studies into any aspect of the State's biota must be underpinned by a statistically sound project design and the results analysed with suitable methods. Every project is assessed by the Biometrics staff to ensure that the project design is efficient and has the necessary rigor to answer the research questions posed. Biometrical scrutiny before studies commence and of scientific papers prior to submission helps safeguard technical standards, and provides confidence to managers that recommended changes to policy and operations have a sound statistical basis.


Project Aims

  • To raise and maintain standards of research planning and analyses by: (i) Collaborating with staff in statistical analysis of data sets; (ii) Training staff in new methods of analysis; and (iii) Assessing all draft manuscripts ready for publication for statistical appropriateness and rigor.
  • To ensure efficient experimental design by: (i) Assessing all science project plans for statistical rigor; and (ii) Providing biometrical advice within the Department of Parks and Wildlife.
  • To extend links with regional and district staff, providing a statistical consulting service within the Department.


Contact Information

Matthew Williams